Consider This: Poetics

Continuous Cities 4 By Italo Calvino You reproach me because each of my stories takes you right into the heart of a city without telling you of the space that stretches between one city and the other, whether it is covered by seas, or fields of rye, larch forests, swamps. I will answer you with… Continue reading Consider This: Poetics

Lentil Quinoa with Kale

[print_this] Lentil Quinoa with Kale I came up with this dish a few weeks ago and found it so yummy that it was my vegetarian contribution to the Thanksgiving meal yesterday. No turkey, no tryptophan, no troubles! What I discovered in making this recipe is how marvelous the kale cooking liquid is. I actually reserved… Continue reading Lentil Quinoa with Kale

Bangkok Lychee Cocktail

[print_this] Bangkok Lychee Cocktail This drink is totally inspired by one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, VTK. I had a similar cocktail there about a month ago and have been wanting to drink something similar in SF, but to no avail. The closest thing I could find was Poleng’s “Poleng Me” cocktail- a great… Continue reading Bangkok Lychee Cocktail

Word on the streets

  My Tia Berta finally got a dog three years ago. Originally, we thought they would go the route of choosing a West Highland terrier as she had talked about for a while, but instead they got Portia. She is a sweet, classically rambunctious Jack Russell terrier which loves to run circles around the squirrels… Continue reading Word on the streets

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