Pomegranate Chicken with Eggplant and Figs

Weekend warriors take on many forms. In my case, I used to reserve the weekends for cooking projects. There will be a batch of Morado Jam in my near future as soon as the first Concord grapes hit the farmer’s market. Even if my once prodigious-to-me preserving has taken a bit of a backseat, can… Continue reading Pomegranate Chicken with Eggplant and Figs

Creamy Chickpea and Yogurt Casserole

Let’s talk about hummus. It’s a good place to start. When most people think about Mediterranean food, this dip perfectly scooped up by pita comes to mind. You could say it would be on the top five list for a Family Feud quiz. And who would disagree? The creaminess of chickpeas blending with garlic, just… Continue reading Creamy Chickpea and Yogurt Casserole

Saag Tofu

  [print_this] SAAG TOFU From “The Inspired Vegan” by Bryant Terry Bryant Terry figured out a way to make a Palak Paneer or Saag Paneer that’s flavorful and not as heavy as the version I enjoyed in India. I’m a sucker for Indian food. The creamy and complex flavors coalesce into something that transports me… Continue reading Saag Tofu


On this particular day, we decided to head to Playa Guiones. The sun felt like it had been high in the sky for hours as it poked through the slats of the wooden shutters at 8:30 a.m. Outside, the chitter and chirp of birds filtered in with the sunlight, letting us know morning had descended.… Continue reading Gallos

Tita’s Carne con Salsa

“My memories of Tita are unfortunately fuzzy.” I made this comment to Mom as she drove me to the airport last weekend. “I don’t think it’s that you’ve forgotten them completely, but you went through a lot early on in your life and sometimes that’s the body’s way of living through the difficulties. The memories… Continue reading Tita’s Carne con Salsa

Homemade Tortilla Chips- Baked & Fried Variations

Who doesn’t like tortilla chips? Okay, maybe people who are allergic to corn or just avoiding it. In our household pantry, they are a staple. In our refrigerator, you can always find tortillas. Recently, Nathan stocked up on some from Chavez in the East Bay. The tortilla chip is humble and yet crunches and crackles… Continue reading Homemade Tortilla Chips- Baked & Fried Variations

Jose Maria’s Gallo Pinto

Have you ever stalked an ingredient before? This is what it must feel like to be the hunter: to crane your ear toward the direction of the prey and listen for a rustling- to look with eyes that see beyond the veneer of branches and blades of grass for what moves among that which doesn’t… Continue reading Jose Maria’s Gallo Pinto

Spiced Moroccan Chicken

The air was thick and moist. As Raju, our rickshaw driver pedaled onward, the slight breeze felt recompense to the Indian summer. On this day, my translator Vinay was unavailable and my study partner Todd, back at the hotel with digestive distress. Today, my pregnant friend Laura and I arrived by my usual escort the… Continue reading Spiced Moroccan Chicken

Lagarta Lodge Ensalada de Palmito

A former roommate of mine, Lisa, first introduced me to hearts of palm years ago. Picking my way through eating all during childhood, I missed a lot. When I first caught sight of the heart of palm in one of her salads (Lisa has the gift of salad-making), I was skeptical. Perhaps downright dubious. I… Continue reading Lagarta Lodge Ensalada de Palmito