Mending the broken bits

The surf and silt it washed up onto the shore beckoned me on a daily basis. This siren’s call became the mandate and mantra of what defined my days closing 2010 and beginning 2011. I would lazily roll over in bed to be greeted by the bright sunshine filtering through the wooden slats and the… Continue reading Mending the broken bits

Jose Maria’s Gallo Pinto

Have you ever stalked an ingredient before? This is what it must feel like to be the hunter: to crane your ear toward the direction of the prey and listen for a rustling- to look with eyes that see beyond the veneer of branches and blades of grass for what moves among that which doesn’t… Continue reading Jose Maria’s Gallo Pinto

Nosara, Costa Rica: Lagarta Lodge

I come from a long line of people who enjoy experiencing life through the olfactory and taste senses (aka “foodies”). Before me, there was Tia Berta. Before her, came my mom. At any given meal out, you can find any of us commenting to the other: “What’s that- coriander?” *Taste sauce again* “No, that’s definitely… Continue reading Nosara, Costa Rica: Lagarta Lodge

Pura Vida: an introduction to Nosara, Costa Rica

Pura Vida:  It’s a way of life. In Costa Rica, it kind of sums everything up. This catch-all phrase elicits smiles, nods, general agreement that in the end, it’s pure life. Costa Ricans get that distinction between living life and letting it pass by. We’re smitten. The Costa Rican (Tico) way of honoring life resonates.… Continue reading Pura Vida: an introduction to Nosara, Costa Rica