Homemade Tortilla Chips- Baked & Fried Variations

Tortilla Chips

Who doesn’t like tortilla chips? Okay, maybe people who are allergic to corn or just avoiding it. In our household pantry, they are a staple. In our refrigerator, you can always find tortillas. Recently, Nathan stocked up on some from Chavez in the East Bay. The tortilla chip is humble and yet crunches and crackles its way into many a party.

Making them is a snap and really there might not be anything better than making them fresh when you want them, and deciding if you want to go the healthy Baked Tortilla Chip route or the more indulgent Fried Tortilla Chip route. Both methods are too easy to not pass along. Making them from scratch inevitably also saves money as the bagged tortillas in your grocery Latin food aisle usually come stacked high and priced low.

I’m trying something different here that I’ve been mulling since following a trussed chicken recipe by photo. Inspired by Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s roasted chicken recipe and more recently, friend Irvin Lin’s chocolate magic shell recipe, I give you the Homemade Tortilla Chip Recipe by Photo: done 2 ways.

Stay tuned this week for recipes that make these baked and fried bad boys shine beyond the nacho plate or dip platter.



Baked Homemade Tortilla Chips

Fried Homemade Tortilla Chips


homemade corn tortilla chips

DIY RECIPES- Making Tortilla Chips From Scratch




  1. I love this!! I’ve never seen a wordless recipe before–so much fun! I esp love the one with your fingers counting seven. For some reason, it struck me as very French, I don’t know why.

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