Gratitude Lists

Things I love so far this week

1. “Poetic Designs” by Stephen Adams. Kicked my ass back into shape.
2. Tearing up the dance floor with my Dutch relatives at my cousin’s wedding this weekend.
3. Tables and bowls made out of teak
4. Laughing and window shopping with Katy. I’ve missed it.
5. Insightful comments from my mentor on my first packet. Go Jeff!
6. Blue Bottle Cafe Latte. Bring on the froth.
7. Lemon Capellini from Whole Foods
8. Hearing that my friends the Princes are making a good transition in England.
9. Retro postcards from a kitschy store on Polk
10. Getting in some unexpected quality time (and study time) with my SoCal friend Sandra.

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Things I love this Week

1. Running into an acquaintance on the street
2. Carolyn Forche’s “The Colonel”
3. Listening to “Best Around” on youtube and being reminded that it’s from “The Karate Kid”!
4. Catching up with Dr. Jayne at supper last night
5. Reading on the porch during a balmy evening
6. Hearts of palm in salad
7. The color wisteria
8. CSI: Las Vegas
9. Making a co-worker’s day better
10. Discovering the “Heart” Pandora radio station

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