Chicago: Shuttling about



I woke this morning at 4 a.m. and my little eyes are crescent moons right now, squeezed so the necessary amount of light filters in so I can type. And get in bed I will, but first, I wanted to say a few things:
— Chicago is in the 60s and tomorrow it will be in the 70’s. Yum.
— Our booth at the Green Festival is in the “Eco-Fashion” area. (Read: danger, danger, look the other way)
— I rode with the nicest shuttle driver for about two hours today in rush-hour traffic, through the loop, dropping people off. Waiting for my stop, we chatted about the city and he mentioned he’d never been to San Francisco before. I amazed myself a little as I began rattling off all the things a person can do for free or on the cheap in SF if playing the part of the rogue tourista, as he kept saying “ok” after everything I said, almost like a tic.
— We set up the booth tonight and what I thought would be an in / out job turned into a multiple hour job. So dinner happened around 10 p.m. meaning no venturing out into the fair city. Tant pis.
— Perhaps the whole reason of this entry other than a “hey there from the windy city” is to say that I wrote a paper tonight. And what this means in the long-run is that I am an on-the-go kind of gal and am going to make the school / career meshing together thing work. Or die trying. (hey that’s a joke. why aren’t you laughing?)
— Lastly, I am sporting a new ‘do that I can happily attribute and thank my good friend Joel for doing on the fly last night. Risk is fun…

And now the marshmallow bed is summoning and who am I to smirk at its call?


  1. no, alan. it is not “triangular” but a fetching cute pixie-ish cut which will have grown out some when i come for my visit in july.

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