Coloring Book: March

My gift to my favorite now 3-year old youngster Dadi this year is a coloring book with a page released on the blog each month for his mama, my cousin to download and print so he can color his way into the things that make up 2011. No one’s looking- you can print it out too even if it’s for your inner toddler to color outside the lines…


I can just imagine you: the squeals of delight ripping from your tiny¬† body as the big grey mouse comes on stage with a microphone in hand. You might forget the pizza, the friends who have gathered to celebrate you turning one year older. I hear it on good report that the gift of choice this year was Play D-oh, which after our mornings and afternoons of playing with it, I call Play D’oh! I bet you can’t guess what I’m bringing you for a much belated birthday gift… Your mama sent me a photo of you at bat for your first T-Ball practice. Did you know my own Beck is an avid baseball fan? This will be something for the two of you to share when you get a little older.

March was marked by a big event and how do you explain the life-altering state of things in Japan to you rightly? Let’s just say that because of an earthquake, many people are sad and trying to figure out what life looks like after it’s been shaken upside down. Such a big event has brought about big love though and as you may have noticed from earlier this year, a theme I would want you to know about life is that often the bad and the good overlap. I’m doing a small part to help convey my love to Japan, knowing every bit helps.

This month I draw you a birthday cake surrounded by cherry blossoms with a cake stand that says “love” on it in Japanese. Maybe one day you will get to visit Japan and spread some of that sunshine that is yours alone Dadi.

– Your Tia in San Francisco loves you.

MARCH_coloring book

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