Denver- Notes from a Yogini

Halla Khouri, Seane Corn, Susanne Sterling
Halla Khouri, Seane Corn, Susanne Sterling
Susanne Sterling & Halla Khouri
Susanne Sterling & Halla Khouri

During the Yoga Month kick-off in Denver, I attended a chat and part of a yoga practice led by Susanne Sterling, Seane Corn and Halla Khouri. Below are notes taken during their chat. Most of the sentiments expressed below were from Seane. She really inspired me and helped me think of yoga beyond just a physical practice.

Yoga’s Shift into Action

Sustainability in activism is all about collaboration. Transform that which is in ourselves and disconnected from spirituality. We need to pray for our leaders whoever they are because if we don’t, you become part of the problem. Where are you living in your own personal war? Yoga teaches that we are all connected. So individual healing impacts the world: you clean up you and your kids and friends will pick up on that. This will then effect the kind of leaders they become.

To learn compassion, you need to understand the shadow parts within. Empathy with each other is when we are truly connecting and you can move beyond pity or judgement. Shadow and light- if I judge you, then it’s because I’m judging me. You don’t wait until you’re totally healed before reaching out. It’s dangerous to let yourself be known.

Yoga is an act of radicalism. Practice can be isolating (mat, breath, relationship with God). Becoming an activist is about finding your voice. Small circle support of five to 12 people. Service can be the biggest yoga you ever do. In the midst of all the interactions during service, ask yourself, “Can you stay in your heart now?” “Can you serve even now?” You will draw the challenging people that will move you closer to who you need to become.

www.offthematintotheworld. org — if you raise $20,000 you can join them on one of their service trips to Cambodia. This is a fund to help get yoga instructors working with at-risk youth understanding that yoga heals and can transform lives.

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