France: A Lesson in Faith, part trois

france balcony

france balcony

The concert helped spread the word about the new church through a sign mounted on an easel and also mentioned by J. as he talked after the songs, describing what they meant / the author / the spiritual connotation. He was approached by people during the intermission applauding him for contributing art to the city’s rich heritage of art. Others wanted to help chip in and pay for the concert. And yet others told him that they sensed that we believed what we were singing and appreciated his comments after the songs.

Saturday night’s first meeting was held at the local presbytery, graciously opened to J and G by the local reformed church. When we arrived on foot, seven people were waiting to get in… Seven. Let me put this in a proper framework for you, reader: in two years, they had one person interested while living in Marseille. Tonight, after 5 months, seven people had shown up. One woman even drove 45 minutes to attend and paid a $5 bridge toll both ways. The topic of the evening consisted of Love: Is it an Illusion or Real? J. used the outline presented by C.S. Lewis and lively debate ensued over cups of wine and appetizers. We were asked to contribute our thoughts later on into the conversation, which was fun to contribute.

This evening we said goodbye to J and G, spending a long while praying over them, parked at the concert site, all of us crying at how we had visibly seen God work miracles in such a short time. All we have to do is give Him our yes and then stand back.

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