Pandemonium… for books

Tonight I attended a fabulous birthday party and even made the birthday cake with some set parameters that it needed to be an orange cake. So I made an orange cake with a Green Tea Tropical glaze, caramel frosting and a lavender fleur de sel sprinkled on each slice. Yum. And while I was at said party, my extrovert slumbered while the introvert sought persistently to finish book six of Harry Potter- only 40 pages remained and come midnight I would be picking up book seven.

So fast forward to brief stints of me sitting in the back bathroom, holed away from the crowd, hearing voices and laughter through the door. At 11:24 p.m. I politely extricated myself from several conversations and a fun group of people and set off for Green Apple Books. Driving by he store, a throng of people stood out on the sidewalk and bled out into the street. Excitedly, I began looking for a parking spot and found one just around the block! Weaving through the gaggle assembled on the sidewalk, I walked inside and found lines of people spanning each aisle in the neighborhood bookstore and even took a photo. How inspiring to see so many people awake and enthused for books! Squeals emitted into the evening as people turned in their receipts for fresh first editions. And I stood among fellow readers pleased to be in their company and hold the unsullied final book in my hands.


  1. Wow! I can’t wait to see your photo. We’re missing this entire phenomenon. I think I need to reread the books before I go to 7, but I’m not sure I can wait to reread them all!

  2. az, what’s with all the introversion lately? you’re starting to sound like me. that cake sounds awe-some, by the way!

    (l.a. sandra)

  3. L.A. Sandra- you should have seen me during my reading of “Lord of the Rings”- it was like nothing else mattered and my person was ambling about Middle Earth. I am a sucker for a good narrative (and smuggler of books sometimes into unlikely scenarios)…

  4. What is it with you and turning introvert at people’s birthdays? Ha ha ha. You know, I would have let you do your homework at my b-day dinner back in February. I think the restaurant had a bathroom to sneak into.

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