Red Letter

gale gand

Every once in a while we all experience weeks like this one. Today was extra special too. We were on our feet for almost 14 hours, but a few things made today extra-special.

— One of my poetry teachers emailed me today. They responded that they were glad to hear I had requested them as a mentor for Spring term because they had requested me! Yea!

— I met up with some celebrity chefs yesterday and they not only remembered who I was but encouraged me to stay in touch. Pretty sweet.

— I saw Jamie Oliver walking the tradeshow floor incognito and when I said “hi” to his back, he turned around and flashed his killer-watt smile at me.

— I had the most amazing cocktail last night: pear and thai chili infused liqueur with cilantro, sake and muddled lychees.

— I discovered how to nap effectively and stay up uber-late without being incredibly loopy the next day.

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  1. You saw Jaime? And what celebrity chefs did you talk to?

    Where was the cocktail at? Was this the one you were telling me about on Memorial Day weekend? We finally went to Bourbon & Branch. A slight bit of pretension but mostly gorgeous and fabulous cocktails! You must try it out (have to reserve online ahead of time unless you go to the library room). So many amazing artisan cocktail bars in SF these days: Rye, Range, The Alembic, old school Absinthe… all really take seriously the art of the cocktail.

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