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I had two friends in college named Kris and Josh. As roommates and fellow musicians, they were a fun pair, but I think the thing I loved most about them was their spirit of whimsy. Kris would happen to mention on a Monday that they’d flown to Chicago the weekend prior, “just because” they wanted to see the new exhibit at the Art Institute. I loved that sense of wind blowing and ability to go.

There are times when being an adult is exhilirating. Saturday was one of them. Earlier the previous week, I decided to hop an airplane destined for San Diego leaving SF at the tune of 10 p.m. at night. With a comp day under my belt, a visit owed to my dear friend Min and the lovely people at PI to meet, I made the flight. In the meantime, I hung out with Min. Sunday was spent walking the beach and drinking pina coladas, then watching a movie. Monday I traipsed around SDSU and met with poets who were likeminded and passionate about their craft along with an entire day of poetry revisions. I was writing myself into a revision by the end of the day. Squeezing in a stop at the local fro-yo store (because you KNOW tart plain yogurt with fresh raspberries is music to my tongue) I took a long walk with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. Below are a few photos of the excursion. What did you do this past weekend and when was the last time you took an impulsive trip?

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