2011: A delicious year

Out with the old, in with the new is the adage that probably most comes to mind at this time of year. Beginnings are a great time to contemplate the former things and what they might have taught us. Thus, from this, my illustrated 2011 recipe box, it appears that kale might be the star ingredient. Moving into 2012, I raise a glass of cheer to you and yours. Let’s make this year a delicious one full of good poetry, food and art!

year en route 2011 - la vie en route



  1. Happy New Year, AZ and Beck!

    I’m new to blogs and not sure how to access your recipe box, but send best wishes for a 2012 filled with laughter, love and great food!

    1. Joane- Thanks for visiting! We send you a hearty round of hugs and a dinner invitation next time you’re in town. xo

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