Avocado- Poem by Arthur Kayzakian

Avocado Poem

Avocado Poem


my dad once told me to never mess with an unripe avocado

he said if you cut it open too soon

then it will know you are not interested in its growth

so it will begin to die even if you do not eat it

that in some parallel universe

the avocado is a baby gator waiting to hatch

sometimes I watch him crack the shell open

carve out the big wooden seed

and cut its green body into thin slices

I wonder if in that distant universe

the baby gator watches us in horror

with pity for our version of hunger




Arthur Kayzakian is a poet and MFA candidate at San Diego State University. He is also a contributing editor at Poetry International. His poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Northridge ReviewChaparralTaproot Literary ReviewConfrontationSan Diego Poetry Annual, and Rufous City Review.

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