Begin again.

The clean page. An apron with no smudges or stains. A fresh start. Welcome to la vie en route.

There was a marriage. A boy and a girl with two rings and a promise. A new beginning at hand. Life is like that- new beginnings (and we tend to like them more than the endings). This year has had its share of surprises, opportunities to rejoice and space to grieve.

I’ve been blogging since 2004, but it’s all been a tad scattered. Food over here. Poetry over there. If I were honest, I’d say that’s partly due to me separating the twain and not inviting them to the same party. There is poetry in food and lush bits of food-smacked poetry…  especially if it involves Neruda.

That’s changing.  La Vie en Route is a chance for us to break bread, conspire over poetry, perhaps chat about art and what inspires. Take a breath. Slow down. Let the stew simmer instead of boil. So let’s go! On y va!


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