Drum roll, please

I finished writing the first draft of my thesis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re right, I’m not excited at all… In fact the little 15 pager ended up at a cool 22. Hallelujah. Seriously, I traveled to four cities in two and a half weeks and wrote a thesis in the midst of all of it. Can I get a Hallelujah? Now my friends might actually see my smiling face instead of the driven spook walking out of the local pizzeria

without tipping /
without eye twitching /
without 15 minute break despotism /
without popping cacao nibs at late hours of the night “for the rush” /
without doing push-ups a few feet away from the laptop /
without enlisting youtube’s homage to St. Elmo’s Fire: “Man in Motion” played 15 times

And the topic: “An Expansion of American Poetics Through the Multi-Cultural Lens”. Somehow it weaves in the terrorism harbored inside each of us in the form of terror of the unknown. I’m just suggesting poetry could solve all that. Just. 😉

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