Inside / outside

I have been mulling over the idea of “inside / outside” and how people interpret that into their lives. Is the fusion of the two kind of a working model for our lives? How does what’s inside effectively play itself into the who we are on the outside?

This may be a horrible admission to make but I am coming to believe that there are many angles to truth. There is the black and white, I get that, but then there is the expansion, such as how to best answer the question, “what did you do this evening?” If I respond I ate dinner or I went to the Legion of Honor to hear a string quartet play, both are true. But really, when someone asks the question they don’t want a minute by minute breakdown of your evening. And so you give them the piece of truth that pertains to what you think they most would be interested in. Or not. Let me know if you disagree. I welcome your thoughts, either in favor or contrary to the ones posed above. Cheers.

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