Life uncut: Earth Day

Earth Day. Somehow I am dressed in all black. We’ll say workout clothing. Rubbing sleep out of my eyes, I rush off to the car, feeling like I’m running late. Engine started, doors shut, I am about to pull away from the curb when I see the largest bug with stilted legs flying along the edge of the front window. And it’s inside. No good.

I love nature being in nature. And so, I open both windows, trying to persuade the mammoth bug to fly out. But no, it has perched and is pondering my steering wheel from on high. This means driving with the windows down all the way to Mill Valley. Mammoth bug pulls in the wings and flattens himself along the curve of the visor, not intending to go anywhere, while the wind whips through the hair on my head. In the parking lot of the Safeway, I have pulled over for the confrontation.

It’s Earth Day, day to salute the earth by giving it a high five, not day to kills mammoth bugs. So with tennis shoe in hand I am waving it around the periphery of MB and it has finally begun to consider its options. Still frantic around the front window, it has begun to hide in the corners of the dashboard. With both windows open and driver’s door open, he is married to the dashboard. How to convince?? A woman climbs into her car with groceries in hand, she smiles and then begins laughing with me as if she understands. I’ve lost perhaps 10 minutes of time on the way to work. I decide to up the ante and MB immediately flies outside perhaps with maimed leg.

Not a great way to start Earth Day, but thank God for my eco-curlicue lights- that should count for something!


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