May his memory be a blessing. In my heart, a yahrzeit candle burns, two years later.

lighting the Memorial yahrzeit candle

You go to bury the dead. You put something dead into a still living soil.

taking home a sapling

And what if you planted something real and still waiting for its blooming-

planting a Memorial tree

What if you look for a way to keep the memorial burning longer than a 24 hour candle

digging the hole to plant a Memorial tree

to put down roots that will grow and stretch out like leaves and blossoms.

memorial tree planted

to be surrounded by daisies and Monkey Grass, life thriving among the living.


    1. Thanks friends. It was actually an okay day. As my Tia reminds me, sometimes the days leading up to the “big day” are often worse for the anticipation.

  1. Thank you for sharing! I planted a rose bush in honor of my mom and re-planted it at our new house. We enjoy the blooms every year. We also planted a cherry tree in honor of our wedding! I love this tradition.

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