May eighth, you come without notice. After three years, you would think I would be mindful of your coming and yet you come and you take. A week ago, I greeted May, all bustle and business until it stopped me and put me in my place- the clock is ticking. You will soon be here… Continue reading Memoriam

Good Friday Poetry: Myopia

I’ve been thinking about death for the past few weeks. Lest you think this is stemming from some sort of morbidity on my part, it’s been a dose of digging deep into the passage of John 19 for guidance in writing a poem I read aloud today at a Good Friday service. Culturally speaking, Good… Continue reading Good Friday Poetry: Myopia

Sally’s Pumpkin Bread and #HatDay

Today: Sally’s first anniversary.  Tuesday: Tio Z’s second anniversary. Sunday: a friend’s grandfather’s passing. This week is mired in remembrances of lives well lived and yet also, death pocking the days. It’s a curious thing trying to accept our own mortality, isn’t it? It’s an incredible thing to think of death as a gift, which… Continue reading Sally’s Pumpkin Bread and #HatDay

A wedding and a funeral

Good grief. Do you know the sensation of being emotionally spent? I am taking the week off to reflect on this past weekend. There was a wedding. There was a funeral. There were snippets of Portlandia watched to round out the heaviness with the absurdity of a micro-culture under scrutiny. I returned from Denver with… Continue reading A wedding and a funeral

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I’m cooking up some roasted cauliflower with paprika, crushed sea salt and pepper in oil. On the stovetop, a pan is sizzling with yukon gold slices, Spanish onion and garlic. Next up, swiss chard. And in my ears, Mumford and Sons. And I feel like I owe you an explanation. You come here regularly or… Continue reading After-thought

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Losing My Voice

Grief does weird things to a person. You don’t exactly know the when or the where, but you know to take this visitor at its word, when it says it will drop by. Right after my dad’s funeral, people kindly sent emails, texts and phone calls. In the void and silence not to be filled,… Continue reading Losing My Voice