Losing My Voice

Grief does weird things to a person. You don’t exactly know the when or the where, but you know to take this visitor at its word, when it says it will drop by. Right after my dad’s funeral, people kindly sent emails, texts and phone calls. In the void and silence not to be filled,… Continue reading Losing My Voice

valley of shadow and ash by annelies zijderveld

valley of shadow and ash – first draft  in this valley of shadow and ash, i quake and tremble of the forward, the backward keening out of view. how to move on without losing how to let go without- to be present and awake to life in its simplicity : the iguana crawl, crab scuttle,… Continue reading valley of shadow and ash by annelies zijderveld

Orange Black Cookies

2010 has been a bit of a doozy as years go. You take the sweet and the bitter. It was the year Holland almost clinched the World Cup in South Africa. For several weeks on pre-set days, I take on a resemblance of a character from Halloween in a non-October timeframe. An ardent fan of… Continue reading Orange Black Cookies