Baseball Poetry and Anniversaries

Let’s set the record straight. I didn’t grow up in a baseballer family. Far from it, my dad would root for soccer teams and instilled the love of football in me from a young age. For reasons unknown (voracious reader, hated to go outside), I never tried out for soccer. Many years later, I found… Continue reading Baseball Poetry and Anniversaries

San Francisco Celebrates 2012 World Series Winners

In a neighborhood market, a giant flat screen TV played play-off games and then world series games for local shoppers to keep tabs on their hometown team. During a recent shopping trip, the checker invited me to sit down and watch an inning. So I did. She proceeded to explain that she didn’t understand baseball… Continue reading San Francisco Celebrates 2012 World Series Winners

One year ago – a blogaversary

One year ago, things looked a bit different. After we said I do, we watched the San Francisco Giants clinch the title of World Series champs. Put differently, on a certain honeymoon and in a certain seaside town, there was a bar, multiple visits and bellowing at Phillies play-off games over foamy mugs of Sam… Continue reading One year ago – a blogaversary

The Great Fundraising Act: Orange & Black Cookies

I love my job. How many of us can really say that? One of the things that makes going to work so much fun is getting to meet, connect and become friends with other bloggers. A few weeks ago, fellow blogger Janetha sent out a mass email to a bunch of healthy living and food… Continue reading The Great Fundraising Act: Orange & Black Cookies

Orange Black Cookies

2010 has been a bit of a doozy as years go. You take the sweet and the bitter. It was the year Holland almost clinched the World Cup in South Africa. For several weeks on pre-set days, I take on a resemblance of a character from Halloween in a non-October timeframe. An ardent fan of… Continue reading Orange Black Cookies