Never Sated: Dark Chocolate Food Memories

I distinctly recall a certain drawer my Dad kept that always drew my curiosity. He kept it closed and on the rare occasion when I glimpsed him open that and heard the wood scrape against wood, I might spy a sneak of silvered packaging or a bright color wrapping. He might pull out a bulbous blue shape, pulling on one end of the wrapper and then the other. He would deposit the deep, dark chocolate truffle from the wrapper onto his tongue, biting through the hard chocolate exterior to sample the chocolate ganache within. He taught me how to savor my chocolate and not to consume it with swiftness. He might close his eyes as the chocolate began to melt and course its way down his throat. There are all kinds of lessons we learn from our parents and his appreciation of good chocolate might have been one of the sweetest lessons he taught.

We are cut of the same cloth. I am easily swayed by the inclusion of this one ingredient in  a dessert menu. Chocolate is best shared.

Whenever I make my way down to Mexico, I salivate at the possibility of tubs of handmade mole patiently waiting in my Tia’s refrigerator. They look at me with love, they look at me with curiosity- this girl who asks for mole as a side saucy accompaniment to foods that traditionally do not sport its rich, luscious depths. A few years back, my Tia even mailed me the ingredients to attempt her own recipe in my domestic kitchen. Another Tia passed along my Tita’s mole recipe and while I appreciate its history, I wanted to tackle my version to be naturally gluten free version, believing bread and crackers unnecessary.

I am thrilled to share that my recipe for Chocolate Chile “Mole” with Huaraches con Huevo is part of the inaugural issue of Sated Magazine along with a poem of mine called “Daybreak.” This exquisite magazine’s postcard hung from my refrigerator taunting and teasing me with its promise of Dark Chocolate. I devoured my copy when it arrived in the mail. And like that Dark Chocolate Truffle from many moons ago that my dad bit into and savored, this magazine beckons you to crack open its spine; you’ll find the recipes and articles within to be sweet indeed.

Dig into your own personal copy of Sated Magazine. As for me, I’m never sated for those chocolate food memories.

sated magazine dark chocolate issue



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