NYC- The celebrity of food

I don’t know what it is about celebrities that can get us all in a twitter. To be honest, we could bestow the status on any of our friends because how great is it to see your friends (especially if it’s been weeks or months or years). But instead we pick common blokes and gals who have a calling or gifting that sets them apart. Giftings that start in kindergarten recess of make believe or helping out in the kitchen and being open to new flavors.

I met poet Sharon Olds at a recent reading and swore I wouldn’t make an ass out of myself, using words like “stupendous” or “amazing” to reveal my inner butt-muncher like I did when I met Anne Lamott… Fast forward to the food show in New York. I am on celebrity prowl. Eyes wide open. Sara Moulton walks by and all I can think of as the camera’s rolling, following her gait down my aisle is “Good Morning America!” Later, my friend Sara, pastry chef extraordinaire and I are foraging and walking around. I see a badge that says “Aquavit” and begin scouring the small entourage for the oh-so familiar face of Marcus Samuelsson. I reach out and squeeze Sara’s arm, giggling and squeaking to her, “Marcus Samuelsson!!” feeling gauche and trying to conceive of how to introduce him to a delicious steaming cup of Marrakesh Mint tea…

To no avail. Chefs are my people. Poets are my people. People are my people. Now if only I could force my cheeks to whiten when they want to blush and curb my enthusiasm when it reaches coloratura octaves. Alas and alack- hold on, is that DANIEL BOULUD????

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