Seattle- Today

— I could never live here. I feel like I’ve walked the entire downtown in one fell swoop. Having just come from the giantess that is New York and being tethered to the small town / big city dynamic of San Fran., Seattle in all its beauty feels far too small.

— I am looking for glimpses of Todd, as I walk the streets, imagining what his life was like here, feeling a great sense of him in this place that has been blissfully sunny and warm the past few days.

— Watching the “Iron Chef” culinary challenge of chefs feverishly concocting dishes with tofu.

— This morning we worked it at the college and university show. The hawks circled the booth trying to be subtle checking out our newest wares while we chatted with prospects. I see you. I am not fooled.

— Cocktails at Rosebud after the show.

— Eating flatbread pizza and housemade tiramisu with Rob, Joane, Bruce and their hot sons this evening at Tutta Bella. Yum!

— There are a lot of pig statues ici.

— Writing a paper about Richard Pryor and “The Anti-Affirmative” from a lecture Ross Gay led at school.

— Dreaming about an IPhone and wishing Sprint somehow could get in on the action…

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