Seattle- in Brief

After a highly successful day at the college and university show (I think I could classify for energizer bunny status), we dismantled our booth and Rob decided to go have a cocktail and change for dinner, while I headed over to a late matinee of Harry Potter. I left the theater enthused and infused with new energy that good narratives always seem to bestow. As my buddy Regie says, “We are hard wired for narrative,” and I know this to be personally true. At the suggestion of a friend, we made our way over to Cascadia and enjoyed their signature mini burgers with rosemary belgian-style frjtz. I took a bite of my burger and discovered a hunk of beef in my mouth… Part of me wanted to bite right down into it and the other part of me was horrified. So out came the beef and straight away came the correction of mini veggie burger. I have eaten the same salad now in two different cities and it is inspiring a recipe because it is almost there, but not quite. I am going to play around this weekend with concocting a mojito salad. Yum. My cocktail was a fabulous blackberry margarita served up, called “Little Black Book”. The food and service were top notch and the prices on the lounge menu, totally do-able. If you go, you must try the Douglas Fir Sorbet. So intriguing. We walked back to the hotel in what was such a lovely evening stroll, window-shopping for the perfect dress Rob should buy for his girlfriend. I may have been wrong about Seattle last night. And now a brief foray into “Reality Bites” before surrendering to sleep and a 4:30 wake-up call. Buona Notte.

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