SF Food Blogger Bake Sale – April 28 at Kiehls

2012_SOS_Food Blogger Bake Sale

Who has time to volunteer?

I ask myself this question as I’m juggling a multitude of activities, commitments and trying to do the careful dance of not plunging into the depths of my inbox while staying current in correspondence. What’s interesting is seeing how volunteerism looks a bit different from the high school days. It’s been eons since I planted flowers at a senior nursing facility or played bingo at a community center. Even longer are the days of candy-striping at a children’s hospital or collecting tickets at a senior center.

In high school, they drilled into us the importance of volunteering, which worked to my benefit given that I a.) like people a whole lot and b.) really do want to make my patch of the earth a bit better for my having been in it.

No kid hungry.

This seems simple enough even for a non-parent like myself.  I get fired up on topics of real food access for all and it sometimes seems inconceivable that anyone in the Bay Area, let alone a child would be wanting for food.

We know this isn’t true.

Hunger in the United States is not something you detect easily by mere observation. It’s something that someone like me, ever in the hospitality and food industry wants to work to correct. I cherish feeding people and know that you can’t feed their minds properly if their stomachs are grumbling or empty.

If you’ve been reading La Vie en Route for a while, you will know I am a hearty advocate of national non-profit Share our Strength. Their No Kid Hungry mission extends into supporting local community resources and also to effect legislation in the government. I like that approach. Last year, at the SF Taste of the Nation event, the pre-eminent food gala fundraiser for SOS, I had a chance to meet representatives from some of these local community resources- people from Food Runners and Cooking Matters. Share our Strength underscores that each of us has a strength to share.

Cupcakes. Pies. Scones. Freshly baked bread. Cookies.

On Saturday, April 28th at Kiehl’s on Fillmore, from 11-4 p.m., these sweet treats will be on a mission to raise funds that go back to supporting local resources working to make sure no kid goes hungry in San Francisco. Irvin, Shauna, Anita and I are joining together again this year to organize the SF Food Bloggers Bake Sale after last year’s rollicking good time and success.

I am planning to bake up something extra special since last year’s contribution included Homemade Almond Joys that clinched me a grand prize ribbon in a church competition when I was a kiddo myself.

Join us and bring cash for cookies. You share your strength and I’ll  share mine.

DETAILS: Official SF Food Bloggers Bake Sale Website
WHERE: Kiehl’s, 1971 Fillmore Street, San Francisco 94115
WHEN: 11-4 p.m.


    1. This is going to be such a great year for the Bake Sale! Make sure to sign up for it at bakesalesf.wordpress.com

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