Stranded in New York, I thank God- a poem by annelies zijderveld

stranded in new york, i thank God – a first draft by annelies zijderveld

for the thunderheads rumbling into position like burly warriors
their spears bolting from fists like brilliant cracks of light

for the sparrow marooned on the slender branch of a ficus furtively
glancing down as we all are held from the elements by a sheath of glass

for the barefoot woman mumbling chicago flights would miss connections,
tassled black shoes in security-issued grey tubs, mine emptying, me exiting

for the tentative voice of a queens-dwelling friend extending a bed, glass
of water and refreshing chatter on things poetic well into the night

i thank God because what could be vinyl chairs with cold metallic rims instead
has become another night in new york, a chance opportunity with a friend.

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