green tea granola

Green Tea Granola

This past Saturday, early in the morning, we decked out tables with pink and coral tablecloths in front of Noe Valley Pets and nearby Omnivore Books. As San Francisco food bloggers arrived with their freshly baked goods, we assembled them into categories by price and hugged the participating bakers or in my case tackled them with iPhone instagram photo-taking.

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PHOTO ESSAY- Decadence

Decadence- Photo Essay


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Patriot Oats

Patriot Oats (Mixed Berry Oatmeal)

I have a soft spot in my heart and at the breakfast table for oatmeal. Something about starting the day with a bowl of warm and comforting oats just seems right. Instant oats are not my favorite way to enjoy them, but in a pinch, they can do just fine- the secret as with most things is seasoning.

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