Things I Love so far this Week: Birthday Edition

1. Attending Madama Butterfly and sniffling along with the crowd at Cio Cio San’s sad tale.
2. Sitting next to seven year old P. and listening to her childish giggle during “Enchanted”.
3. Sleeping in late and getting to loll about in my warmed flannel sheets, talking to Tia M.
4. Walking to Green Apple, poring over piles of books like someone with all the time in the world.
5. All the wonderful texts, emails, calls and well wishes from friends & family around the world!
6. Pretty fabulous gifts: cake decorating kit, Blue Bottle gift certificates, Arrested Development Season 1, retro Parisian stickers, a turquoise ring from a Tibetan market in China and books 🙂
7. Watching the ice bears fight during “The Golden Compass”.
8. Birthday dinner at Cafe Gratitude- yummy quinoa and live enchiladas with garden veg. pate.
9. Singing Christmas carols with friends and strangers alike while playing a paper plate as a drum during a rendition of “Little Drummer Boy”.
10. Vegan chocolate mousse with a lit candle sticking out of it as the servers sing Happy Birthday.
11. A sunny crisp day full of uncaptured moments waiting to happen.

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