Things I love so far this week- Christmas edition

It’s late on a Sunday night and my internal clock is off in a might-be-in-London-but-am-in-SF sort of way. Ack. The familia just left tonight and we had some classic moments that made this Christmas unforgettable:

1. Watching crabbers haul in dungeness crabs at Crissy Field.
2. Catching glimpses of the seal that ate the bait of the crabbers if they waited too long.
3. A seagull stealing a whole piece of fried fish from my Mom at Fisherman’s Wharf!
4. Baked hot chocolate. Yum.
5. Darkened rooms of jellyfish at the Monterey Aquarium.
6. Playing badminton with M. on the beach Christmas Day and getting a rally of 9 hits!
7. An 8 hour drive to San Simeon to watch “Building the Dream” The Hearst Castle movie (since the tours were sold out).
8. Playing Mexican Train with la familia and LL en la casa!
9. Seeing the Kite Runner and bawling. Did I say bawling?
10. Mom’s interpretation of Blas de Otero’s poem “Loyalty”.
11. Getting to level 6 on Ms. Pac-Man
12. Playing pool with M. and somehow hitting all of his balls in, but not hitting in my own.
13. Baking with Tia B.


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