Things I love so far this week- party edition

1. The new setup in the living room- good for large gatherings of people
2. Collaborative efforts of music, food and drinks with my boy Kenny-O
3. Toasted macadamia nuts
4. Wiling away the hours chatting with Mai Mai on the couch as Ad sidles up and starts making funny comments
5. Having so many of my favorite people in one place
6. My friend Chow Mein being in town and eating at our favorite spot for brunch over a long delayed chat about swimming *bobbing* in the Dead Sea
7. The combination of semisweet chocolate with sugared ginger- can transform any ol’ white cake into something delish
8. My door prize going to someone who will really enjoy its components (which I would have loved getting- mini moleskines, stickers, chocolate chile bar, red ginger candle, black cherry body butter, notecards and coconut oolong Tea Pouches)
9. Imagine a markerboard with the question for party-goers to answer: “What is one of your favorite things?”
10. Now imagine the response, “My husband’s butt. Yummy.” 🙂
11. Shaking up some Amaretto Sours
12. Burnt orange corduroy
13. Good hugs from good friends
14. Being one of two punk rockers attending a church ladies’ baby shower
15. Women becoming mockingly irate at a game we played where none of them guessed the top 5 boy names in 2007
16. L’s collection of theater kids and their dynamo spirit at the cast party
17. Playing the “who am I” game with high schoolers at the cast party and rocking it!
18. Cleaning the kitchen while rocking out to Heart
19. Pretending I’m 17 and going to sleep at 2 a.m. Friday night and 3:30 a.m. Saturday while waking up early both days
20. Acting the role of portrait model du jour for Rona while escaping the cats attacking my nose at the baby shower

WHEW. It’s been a long weekend of parties and I’m pooped. In the spirit of the weekend, what is one of your favorite things?


  1. my weekend favorite things

    1. waking up at 4 AM this morning, not able to sleep, but then finding this list from your exciting weekend! (what a weekend, Party Girl!)

    2. giggling until we can’t breathe. “we” = two of my junior high girls and myself over the silliest of things during a card game.

    3. seeing August Rush for the second time. still love it. must buy the soundtrack.

    4. giggling on my own about you and your goth-for-the-day friend attending that baby shower.

    5. an entire afternoon & evening cozied up at home during a snow/ice storm.

  2. 1. Having everybody coo over our punk outfits, thereby cute-fying them and defeating the purpose.

    2. ‘Supermodel Documentary Hour.’

    3. Watching a bunch of irate ladies over their failure to guess popular boys’ names, girls’ names, and not having ‘corn’ on the list of baby foods.

    4. Getting a rockin’ awesome party mix at a rockin’ awesome party.

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