SF: Two new places of note

Superficial blog alert!

I have been flitting about during the daytime running errands in preparation of me, the heroine, taking off in flight later this week for my next food show. Amidst the errands, I came to a place of illuminating self-discovery in two places. If I ever want to meet men, then I have been going to all the wrong places, clearly. Church- removed from list; school- gone; tradeshow circuit- oh no.

Hello Economy Restaurant Supply & Neiman Marcus! Note to self: begin lurking around said places.

This is the gem of the restaurant foodservice world in San Francisco. You could shop here and have everything you need to open a catering company or restaurant. Don’t get me started on all the different kinds of porcelain ramekins. Pushing a cart down the tiny congested aisles can prove challenging. But wait for it, I guess I had the damsel in shopping distress look on my face because this hot guy (told you it would be superficial) asked if I needed help. After directing me to the bartending aisle, I came back to the central area, only to find that I had selected expensive plastic iced tea pitchers that I thought were on sale. Back I trot to the plastic receptacle aisle and pass this guy who looks at me and offers to help me find a cheaper iced tea pitcher. Not to mention the young chefs outside watching the guy working the hibachi grill. What is going on? Hello young chefs who like to cook… Let’s face it, a place with Wusthof knives on the cheap and a myriad of squeeze bottle sidling up to hot chefs- that’s my kind of place!

2. NM Department Store.
Same day of errands finds me at Britex getting fabric for a project at work. I needed to find a restroom quickly and learn that the closest site is NM across the street. The NM cafe staff point the way to the restroom down the corridor of the men’s department. Off I go through the lacquered hallway past designer suits and men all dolled up, fingering custom blazers. I am drawn to the rich textiles and the men wearing them so nicely. Manicured men are quite lovely and untouchable. Even today as I drove from an event in downtown SF, I passed a corner in Union Square and there waiting at the crosswalk was an NM man. It didn’t matter if the suit was from Macy’s or some other department store, they will always be to me the NM man.

And so ends my superficial blog about men in SF. I like men and knew I liked one who is comfortable in the kitchen, but I guess learned that “every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.”


  1. Nice new look to your page. And great entry – true about the sharply dressed man. Not a “necessity” but certainly a turn on. Ha!

    Thanks for a wonderful Sat. last week at Taste of Asia (and lunch at Brenda’s). It was so good to share that with you. I look forward to more.

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