SF: Pirro’s Pizza

Pirro’s was an unexpected pizza revelation. Some friends and I got together for dinner tonight, ambling over to Pirro’s.

Walking inside, the lighting is warm, giving it a friendly ambience. A family-run business, this is definitely a great place for a guys’ night out or family meal after a soccer game.

We started with the garlic bread and cheesy garlic bread- both buttery well seasoned loaves with crunch. This was followed by a platter of buffalo wings, slathered in a sauce with a good bite. And then there was pizza… We tried the vegetarian, the Greek, sausage / mushroom / onion and then came the Pirro’s Special.

Okay the Pirro’s Special was amazing, plain and simple. I think it was the combination of salty meats (ham, salami, sausage, pepperoni) with the tang of the tomato sauce, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and a crisp crust. Yum. This would be great with a dark ale.

I feel like I have just found the ultimate comfort food and it’s great to know it’s so close over in the Sunset.

*BONUS: For you San Franciscan readers, the first 2 people to comment will get treated to a dinner at Pirro’s gratis (that means “free” in Spanish… 🙂 )

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