wine poem snackbyte - anneliesz

Wine Poem Snackbyte

wine poem snackbyte - anneliesz

7 comments on “Wine Poem Snackbyte

  1. TOBIAS aisi

    Nice poems really help me in my research.

  2. I’m explicating this poem for an LA class, is there any context behind it and is it in a particular form?

  3. Hi Chris- Cool. No particular form for the poem. For the context, a breadcrumb might be to check out John 15…

  4. I love this poem! What does ‘the brick or the pucker’ mean? I tried to find out what a brick or pucker were in pruning but had no success. Thank you!

    • NEVERMIND! I found it. Basiclly , brick is the density of wine and the pucker is the tartness or acidity . I just needed to focused on winemaking and not pruning to figure it out. 😊🍷

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