Coloring Book: January

My gift to my favorite 2-year old Dadi this year is a coloring book with a page released on the blog each month for his mama to download and print so he can color his way into the things that make up 2011. No one’s looking- you can print it out too even if it’s for your inner toddler to color outside the lines…


Around the country little Dadi, most Americans are experiencing an onslaught of snow and frost. It is part of this season and we can expect it with regularity. You, though you do not know it right now, are going through your own winter.

I can only imagine what it looks like from your almost three-year old eyes to watch the people you love sad. Maybe they are showing their emotions in front of you. Maybe you get a hint that something is not quite right, though you can’t put your finger on it. You will probably ask a question, “Donde esta Tito?” and you might find it elicits an unexpected response. The silence. The absence. These might confirm to your little heart profound loss. But here’s the thing you should know, sweet little Dadi: everyone loves you. Though winter has come, know that spring will follow and then summer.

And your Tito loves you a lot.

I had a chance to spend last weekend with you and hear you sing full throttle, when my head was turned away from you, “I’ve been working on the railroad…” We had a chance to dance to the strained tunes of “Mexico! Mexico! Te llevo en mi corazon!!”

But you still associate me with all things dulce. And I remember your mama offering a small sweet after we picked you up Friday afternoon. The biggest enticement to you with all the birthday parties marking your highly social weekend schedule, “Dadi, quieres un cupcake?”

Somehow that question makes your eyes wink with sparkle and smile. So for this month, I dedicate it to you as one of winter and cupcakes. And a lot of love.


  1. my cupcakes are going to be:
    red velvet w/cream cheese frosting
    chocolate with mocha
    hazelnut and … mmm…chocolate! of course.
    mmm cupcakes. what about superbowl cupcakes?

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