Eat your heart out SF

So yours truly is now on Getty Images. That’s right, if you type in the correct spelling of my name, it will pull up a photo of me, Nicole and Esai Morales.

2 minutes before the photo was taken

ME: Esai, thank you for being a positive force for Latinos in the film industry. You’ve been doing it for a long time.

ESAI: Thanks. Yeah, too long.

And then we continued to gab about an uncle of mine who’s in Hollywood and usually plays a Mexican mafioso. He can die really well on screen.

And to this small brush of fame come Emily Dickinson’s words: “Fame is a fickle food / Upon a shifting plate”

4 comments on “Eat your heart out SF

  1. Look at all the man meat those pearly whites! Can I have Esai’s shirt, please your autograph??

  2. As a marketing person, I’m sure the only thought in your mind was, “Oh I wish the tea box was turned around for better branding!”

  3. esai i love! you are one fine HOT looking guy. you are hotter then a bowl of piping hot chillie with melted cheese.

  4. Katy, ohmygosh you are so funny….

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