Things I love so far this week

1. The arrival of fall. It’s sneaky, at moments cloaking itself in the sun, but the bite in the air gives it away!
2. Having both of my best friends in the same town for a weekend!
3. Dancing until the late hours of evening at a fabulous Kennyo production!
4. Seeing the bard in the park with a bag full of blankets and not getting cold! How about the “Tears for Fears” gesture in the midst of a “Midsummer Night’s Dream?”
5. Walking Crissy Field on an unexpected day and having a great conversation full of laughter!
6. Watching Emily Dickinson and Gerald Stern’s poetry influence new thoughts into my words!
7. “Chocolate Chai” hot chocolate from Bittersweet.
8. Waking up, praying first thing in the morning. It sets me on such an even-keeled tone for the day!
9. Having brunch and running into an old high school friend! Small world.
10. Last but seriously not least, conversing candidly with my mentor about the challenges of this season and him encouraging the embers back into flame. Thanks Jeff!


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