Ode to my favorite festival

oh spanakopita, you look niceta
next to vegetarian moussaka
the night is young, let me danceta
next to hot men in tight pantseta…

How excited am I that this weekend marks the Greek Festival in SF? It is my absolute favorite one of the mix held in a city that loves festivals. You may ask what makes this one so great and I would respond the fact that there are Greek people involved. Families sitting around huge round tables, men and women who have labored to make homemade Greek food. Teenagers dressed in traditional village costumes performing in elaborate grapevine lines. The festival is one of pure mirth and joy. I always find myself laughing up a riot, especially when I join the grapevine dancing and find I am not wearing good shoes for the fast rhythms. So strap on your shiny black boots and head on over to Valencia St. for a festival unlike any other (unless you happen to be at another Green Orthodox church celebrating this weekend).

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