Things I love so far this week

I was talking with Sharona this morning and decided this is my version of sunlight on the web, my VH1’s “Best Week Ever” synopsis (Also known as how many exclamation points can you jam into one blog entry). I think for a little while I may be expressing my thoughts in 10 point summaries and leaving the writing for the poems and papers. Much love to you all…

1. High fiving “Putty” from the show “Seinfeld” in Los Angeles!
2. Hummus and dolmas from La Mediterranee and trolling Pac Heights pretending we’re in Europe!
3. Buster with his hooked hand in Season 2 of “Arrested Development”- he could be funnier than Gob, though the jury is still out!
4. Writing SEVEN pages for a 3 page paper on Daniel in the KJV this evening- it’s almost done!
5. Driving in Los Angeles and not getting lost or hitting an Orthodox Jewish man walking to Rosh Hashanah services!
6. Meeting Jakov this morning!
7. Friends who are pregnant after many attempts of trying- go expanding waistlines!
8. My new little sapling “Ollie” the non-fruit-producing olive tree – he’s still alive!
9. That my brain is reverting to French translation often and without intention!
10. The return of the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” at Starbucks- kids, this truly means it’s fall!


  1. Only ten exclamation points? I’m glad Ollie survived the plane ride. Olivera is still sitting in the sun and drinking water every day. 🙂 Was so good to see you — thanks for not wrecking my car — you did great on the roads of L.A.!!!

    (ps) I did get your voice mail tonight — I was deep in the pages of Faulkner. Will call soon…..

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