NYC- Old Friends and David Burke

david burke

david burke

Tonight, after work, I met up with my friends Julie and Chris over at David Burke, Bloomingdales. My colleague Charlie had introduced me to it during one of our last forays in town and it is without a doubt a great meal priced at a phenomenal value (read prix fixe at $24.07 for 3 courses).

All three of us are in grad school and become automatons during the school year. We talked maybe twice last semester since she was heavy in her econ. studies and I ravished numerous poets. (I like the way that sounds…) We always have great conversations whenever we are together. Julie and I used to camp out at Caffe Espresso and point out the fashion faux pas of the tourist, foam clinging to our lips from the cappuccinos interacting with our laughter. She is a one of a kind person. Even tonight, she brought me a gift “just because” they reminded her of me. Enclosed were a ruffled striped brown and white scarf and book of Indian Art. She has probably been one of the most encouraging friends pushing me to make India a reality. But as always, she shows up dressed to the nines, as if she walked out of the pages of a 1930s Vogue magazine. I love her panache.

Chris explained his direction of looking at creating buildings that promote healing and we began discussing all the research that has gone into lights and their affects on the people inside the buildings. Fascinating really. I learned tonight that once he’s done with his masters, he would eventually like to earn a pHD in architecture. All three of us want to be professors, which is pretty odd, considering of my non-grad school friends there is nary a one. We drank tasty summer cocktails inside from the balmy night air. Julie: blueberry pie; me: chocolate peanut butter cup; Chris: mojito.

Probably the most intriguing bit of conversation revolved around risk and the fear of doing what you know is right. It’s comforting to vocalize the demons that would prefer to stay tucked inside of us, continuing to chisel new holes and nooks. It worked out beautifully that we were able to coordinate being in NYC at the same time. I miss her spunk and laughter, so it’s fun to rediscover them in a city that is neither hers nor mine.


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