NYC: Transitioning

We left school, lovingly dubbed “poetry camp” yesterday afternoon. This residency had very curious undertones to it, which I think a few of us attributed to the full moon. Poets are an interesting bunch of people. One evening, as we danced in the school pub, I grinned, considering that at any given moment, one of us might break away to go write down a poem that had begun drafting itself internally on the dance floor. This semester looms ahead with some exciting poets in my future to read and with which to acquaint myself.

And now I am in New York. Which kind of feels like the time we were in Bangkok for a 20 hour layover between leaving Delhi and heading back to Marin. This isn’t home and I’m out of sorts a bit, but relishing in finding my way around NY. My friend Alan and I ventured out to Yonkers today for a cook-in (weather not permitting outdoors) at a high school friend’s condo. For the next few hours, we drank and ate and laughed and played playstation and searched for more high school classmates on myspace. Her window overlooks the Hudson river, colored grey today. Cheryl’s friend John had celebrated his 34th bday Monday, so we sang happy birthday and I fumbled pretty much all afternoon trying to get at least one side of a Rubik’s Cube colorfully intact. We ended up running to catch the train with six minutes on the books before it was to arrive: imagine five somewhat sloshed people running to the elevator, running up stairs and then running down them- I giggled the entire way. What a great independence day!

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