One last thing before bed

So, I’ve mentioned that the residency (poetry camp) was overall surreal for me in a previous post, which truth be told had some to do with not getting out as much at night and squelching my not-so secret extrovert. What the squelching did then, though has carried over to today and yesterday and probably tomorrow. It set a precedent of writing everyday (which may sound like “duh” to you) but my little derriere often prefers being with people than alone with pen and paper. So am excited to see how this carries out through the semester. Or not. Nonetheless, I have a fresh, early draft of a poem that I think could be intriguing… FYI- loved Jeff’s “Taking Down the Angel” book that I finished today- lots of poems about his life growing up and the family. His father sounds like he was quite a character. He wrote unsentimentally about the past while engaging me emotionally. Must tap into that. Anywho, sleep tight and email me about your weekend if you want.

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