Leaving the desert

I have been roaming in the desert longer than forty days and forty nights. What is to become of me, of them? James Wright’s poem “To the Saguaro Cactus…” really got me thinking in a new way of this usually barren plot of land associated with hardness of earth and heart. Moses and I convene… Continue reading Leaving the desert

Good Friday

I avoided Allen Ginsberg tonight. Usually I take Good Friday off and spend it hiking, silent, in contemplation reading the four accounts of Jesus’ last moments before the gruesome death at 3 p.m. Earlier this week, I could see that we would have a press check today bringing one of my most recent projects to… Continue reading Good Friday

A poet’s celebration

Culminating a marathon week of back to back tradeshows, I found myself in New York righteously upsetting several union workers. Amidst their yells and screams of “lady, you can’t move that” my 5’2 stature heaved and shoved the largest of our crates waiting at the back of the Javits Center, the last vestige of our… Continue reading A poet’s celebration


After a day of being back at work, I decided to stop off at Borders for a moment to look around the poetry section for the one “text”book I couldn’t order that must be hidden underneath a rock somewhere. I’m not giving up. Have you ever been overcome with a voracious desire to want to… Continue reading overcome

the weight of waiting

In January, I set off for Boston to a slew of writing workshops and classes, a fresh sea of faces, among whom could be my next friend and writing confidante. In the meantime, I wait, trying to anticipate what a modicum of a schedule for my first semester will look like. I write everyday, through… Continue reading the weight of waiting