pesto polenta breakfast bake

Pesto Polenta Breakfast Bake

Pesto Polenta Breakfast Bake The Food Poet

The last minute guest. The cook who isn’t a morning person. The brunch menu that needs a main course. If you might find yourself nodding to any of the aforementioned items, then I am happy to introduce you to Pesto Polenta Breakfast Bake as I can attest to not being a morning person too.

Taking the idea of baked casseroles (do you remember those from the 80’s?) and re-appropriating them for the breakfast table, you might find yourself falling for them once again in this Pesto Polenta Breakfast Bake. When you’ve had a chance to consider this weekend’s plans, make room for a slice.

I’ve kept the pan warm for you. Follow me over to my guest post on Eat This Poem for the recipe.

2 comments on “Pesto Polenta Breakfast Bake

  1. Fantastic post! I can’t wait to try this; it sounds perfect for a relaxed Saturday morning breakfast. Do you think it could be made the evening before and just popped right in upon waking?

    • THAT is the beauty of this dish. Bake it on Sunday and cut out a slice each morning the following week to heat up in the microwave or as I do in the electric oven at 350 for 10 minutes. So very easy.

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