Concord Grape Sparklers

concord grape sparklers

Concord grapes remind me of nature’s gummy candy. Last weekend, we invited friends over for our second art salon and I mixed together these sparklers with concord grape puree. Their sweet and tart flavor pairs well with elderflower simple syrup, sparkling water and a cup of pinot noir but it was missing something. Kyle showed up with a bottle of Prosecco! We topped off the glasses and perfected this refreshing fall beverage.

Effervescent and bubbly.



Concord Grape Sparklers

take a bunch of concord grapes

concord skins & pulp

remove seeds

puree concord grape skins & pulp until smooth or just shy of smooth

concord grape puree - pour into large glass jar & add 1 cup pinot noir

concord grape soda - add 2 liters of sparkling water

elderflower_syrup gives it a slight lychee flavor

Concord Grape Soda- add ¼ cup of elderflower syrup

prosecco gives it an extra splash of effervescence

top off each glass with Prosecco right before serving



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