Chicago- Mercat a la Planxa

I intend to detail my adventures in the culinary mecca that is Chicago later this weekend. Briefly, I can say I miss it. I guess it’s not such a hard stretch to envision myself living there at some point- great clean city, amazing architecture and art, phenomenal food and drink, nice people. The downside of course is the extreme weather. Today driving into San Francisco, upon seeing the skyline I was left with a bit of longing for those bridges and historical buildings dotting the downtown of Chi-Town. I think what was more interesting is that I found the panging to live in New York diminish in contrast.

One evening will remain etched in my memory for a long time. After leaving Mercat a la Planxa, I opened the door to a cabbie with a flare for the 80’s. I knew this was my man. He had Journey blaring and offered to turn it down, but instead, I told him to turn it up. As he sped me off to my hotel, I had midnight karaoke in the back of the cab singing along with “Separate Worlds”. This was then followed by “These Dreams” by Heart. I offered to sing it to the cabbie and he began to raise the window cutting us off from each other as a joke. But the music blared on and I sang, the balmy wind of Michigan Avenue tousling my hair. I could have driven to Mexico that night in that cab.

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