Long Live the Tongue

Today I spent four hours using my tongue in new ways. A small group of us at work have been selected to take “Sensory Training” classes and I could not wait to continue expanding the knowledge of my palate. I love tasting and I love creating. Knowledge of the tongue intrigues me as much as… Continue reading Long Live the Tongue

Mexico: Mole Ole

What part of mole do you not understand? Let’s just say during the short stint in Mexico, it became my raison d’etre. We had it green (made with pepitas), we had it red (made with pecans). Sometimes it was more sweet, other times, salty, and another time richly smoky. I could eat my way through… Continue reading Mexico: Mole Ole

When in Chicago

The assignment I gave myself was to try all new restaurants during this particular excursion in Chicago because it is so easy to return to the beloved ones. THURSDAY NIGHT: Nacional 27. We started with the Grilled Shrimp Adobado with pineapple-vanilla salsa. Tasty. Next came the Slow-Roasted Gunthorp Farms Pork Cubano, served with a combination… Continue reading When in Chicago