The Art of Seeing: Ficre Ghebreyesus

I first learned about artist Ficre Ghebreyesus after he died at the too young age of 50. His wife, poet, Elizabeth Alexander penned a memoir called Light of the World and painted such a picture of her husband that I needed to see more of his art. I’ve written about Alexander’s memoir and there’s a… Continue reading The Art of Seeing: Ficre Ghebreyesus

“Tucson” by Stephen Dunn

Poetry curated. Believing poetry can change the world, the intention here is to introduce and discuss compelling poems. My desire is to invoke a sense of longing in you to find a poem and a poet whose work speaks to your soul. When it happens, it can set your skin ablaze. In a good way.… Continue reading “Tucson” by Stephen Dunn

Meter and Flow

Sometimes I’m too quick to make a judgement. Up until recently, I have been quite biased and worming my way out of ignorance when it comes to the function of rhyming in poetry. If I had to put a finger on it, I think it might have something to do with ease and lack of… Continue reading Meter and Flow

“The Guitar” by Federico Garcia Lorca

Poetry. Maybe the last time you picked up a book of poems (if ever) was in high school. You might think they’re boring, inaccessible or just not for you and I’m not one to disagree with the last point. But hear me out for a moment: I have a hunch that given the right poem… Continue reading “The Guitar” by Federico Garcia Lorca

Bookbinding Bender

“We might not be a good match if I write you a poem and you think we’re getting married.” Wearing all the brassiness and bravado I could muster, I retorted, “Well, what if I write you a poem?” Thus began the early workings of a relationship in motion. On our first date, out came a… Continue reading Bookbinding Bender

Art Unexpected

A glass house. Mark Rothko chapel. A museum built by disco. Walker Art Center. (the free outdoor sculpture garden boasts a giant cherry perched on a spoon) A gigantic balloon dog. The Fisher Collection (you need a friend who’s a G A P employee at corporate. wink. wink.) With all these interesting spots, it’s time… Continue reading Art Unexpected

Word as Art- R.H. Quaytman

Modern art. Canvas of miniscule stripes atop larger canvas of miniscule stripes. Just another painting hanging at the MOMA. Or is it? Upon closer inspection… A poem that Borges would like! The artist, R.H. Quaytman we discover has coyly engaged verse from Jack Spicer into his paintings. It starts, “The poem begins to mirror itself/”… Continue reading Word as Art- R.H. Quaytman

Word as Art

In college, I discovered that many things in life are free. Then again came the reality that a whole heck of a lot of things aren’t. Sometime during my sophomore year, I stumbled upon a delicious secret. It kept my weekend evenings regularly packed. It kept me well versed and amused at the theater. I… Continue reading Word as Art

Images a la Sauvette

Last Sunday, the sound of rain pelting the window pane woke me up. Plans to lead a walk along the Golden Gate bridge were definitely off. One of my favorite past times and excuses to love rainy weather is the opportunity to ensconce myself in a museum. Two photography exhibits proved to entice me to… Continue reading Images a la Sauvette

Open Studio, Open House

For Halloween, as my friend Bryan walked to church, I yelled at him across the street, gesticulating wildly and told him about the afternoon planned. A happy captive, he joined me as we set out for the Hunter’s Point artist colony open house and an afternoon of stepping in and out of people’s subconscious. Art… Continue reading Open Studio, Open House


“The artist is the antennae of the race.” (pound) “You must love your crooked neighbor with a crooked heart.” (auden) “You don’t choose to be an artist, the art chooses you.” (gioia) “Poetry is a way of remembering what it would impoverish us to forget.” (frost) “Art is the light by which human things can… Continue reading Quotables