Asparagus Artichoke Basil Rosettes

  [print_this] Asparagus Artichoke Basil Rosettes YIELD: 7 servings (2 per person based on 14 rosettes) When it comes to food for celebrations, we want to pull out all the stops. Initially, thinking about making these rosettes had me sweating bullets, but I conquered my fear and these were worth it! The variations and ideas for… Continue reading Asparagus Artichoke Basil Rosettes

On being fearless outside & in the kitchen

When was the last time you felt fearless? I remember full well as the truck ambled up the long mountain road in Costa Rica. Up we drove, passing black shadows working their way from branch to branch in the slender tall trees. Sometimes the shadows wore smug scrunched up faces that peered out from the… Continue reading On being fearless outside & in the kitchen